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Inclusive Fitness Training Workshop, Missoula, MT (POSTPONED)
What is inclusive Fitness?

Fitness professionals must understand how to ensure people who may have a physical, sensory or
cognitive disability feel welcome and receive appropriate and individualized guidance in order to meet their physical activity and fitness goals, whether in a health club, outdoor and/ or home-based setting.

What will I learn?

In addition to general knowledge of exercise physiology, exercise testing and programming,
you will also gain knowledge of:
• Inclusive facility design
• Awareness of social inclusion for people with
• American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA)
• Safe and effective methods and
recommendations of exercise
• Appropriate adaptations to exercise
• Precautions and contraindications to exercise
related to disability
• Motivational techniques and appropriate
instruction for individuals with disabilities to
begin and continue healthy lifestyles

To learn more about and register for the event, please have a look at the following PDF.

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