The Montana Disability and Health Program’s CORE Management Team (CMT) provides oversight and direction to the program as follows:

• Sets data-drive priorities for policy and program implementation;
• Incorporates advice of the Montana Disability and Health Community Planning Group (MDHCPG) into program activities and direction;
• Advises MTDH staff on all programmatic activities (e.g., data and surveillance activities, communications, health education, and capacity building);
• Coordinates division priorities into program goals and procedures; and
• Monitors and assesses program performance.

The CMT is composed of the directors of the four DPHHS divisions most directly involved in health and disability (Public Health and Safety, Developmental Services, Disability Transition Services, and Senior and Long Term Care). Finally, two faculty members of the University of Montana’s Rural Institute (Project Director and Senior Scientist) staff the program and participate as members of the CMT.

Kathy Myers
1400 Broadway
Room C317
Helena, MT59620

Jim Murphy
1400 Broadway
Room C216, PO Box 202951
Helena, MT 59620

Denise Higgins
1400 Broadway
Room A116, Helena, MT 59620

Jill Sark
Community Services Bureau 2030
11th Avenue, Helena, MT 59620

Zoe Barnard
Developmental Services Division
Department of Public Health and Human Services
111 N Sanders Room 307, PO Box 4210,
Helena MT 59601

Rebecca De Camara
Developmental Services Division
111 Sanders, PO Box 4210
Helena, MT 59604

Jim Marks
111 North Last Chance Gulch
Suite 4C, PO Box 421
Helena, MT 59604-4210

Meg Traci
Research and Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities
The University of Montana Rural Institute
52 Corbin Hall, Missoula 59802-7056
406-243-4200 (TTY)
406-243-2349 (Fax)

Tom Seekins
The University of Montana Rural Institute
52 Corbin Hall, Missoula 59812

Craig Ravesloot
The University of Montana Rural Institute
52 Corbin Hall, Missoula 59812

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