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Living Well in the Community


What is Living Well in the Community?

Living Well in the Community (LWC), formerly known as Living Well with a Disability (LWD), is a ten-week wellness workshop for people with disabilities that helps participants achieve full participation through health maintenance and health promotion activities. The workshop introduces participants to a process for setting and clarifying goals and teaches how to generate, implement, and monitor solutions to problems. Goal setting and problem solving are the frameworks for developing healthy lifestyles and linking health with function. When appropriate, individuals are encouraged to consider health behavior as one tool for increasing participation. Living Well in the Community puts quality-of-life issues at the forefront and teaches participants to:

  • Link health to quality of life
  • Set goals and solve problems
  • Manage frustration and discouragement
  • Seek information
  • Develop and maintain healthy relationships
  • Eat well and be physically active
  • Advocate for themselves and for systems change
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle changes

What does Living Well do for people?

  • Participants report improvements in outlook and positive changes in daily activities, such as new employment, returning to school, or more active social lives.
  • Many participants report the session on systems advocacy as their first exposure to disability rights advocacy.
  • Individuals who participated in Living Well also report fewer limitations due to secondary health conditions and reduced health care costs.

To attend a Living Well in the Community workshop, contact a Montana Center for Independent Living

Facilitate a Living Well in the Community workshop

Visit the Living Well in the Community consumer workshop website

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