Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit Website Updates

The Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit is one way AUCD provides resources and strategies to, “champion and model diversity, equity and inclusion.” AUCD is continually searching for resources to make available at the Diversity & Inclusion website. In July and August, 17 resources have been added. The focus of these resources includes child health; self-advocacy; cultural competence; language access; research tools and more. July and August updates are located at the Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit homepage¬†http://www.implementdiversity.tools/. In addition, please take look on the same page at “QUILTBAG 2: Queer Inclusion as Diversity”, from Rebekah Moras of the Alaska UCEDD–the Center for Human Development.¬† Stories can be submitted at the “Submit Your Story” link at the top of this page.