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Working Well with a Disability


What is Working Well with a Disability?

Working Well with a Disability (WWD) is a 6-week workshop for people with disabilities who want to be employed. It is built on the successes of the Living Well in the Community program by continuing with similar concepts, but it tailors information to individuals preparing for, or trying to maintain employment.

People with disabilities describe secondary health conditions as a barrier to employment (Ipsen, Seekins, & Arnold, in press; Kaye, 2009). Secondary conditions include pressure sores, chronic pain, fatigue, depression, and a variety of other conditions. These conditions can interfere with a person’s ability to get and keep a job. Working Well presents health promotion concepts to help people develop lifestyle behaviors that can reduce the limitations they experience from secondary conditions. Specifically, this program provides the tools to maintain a healthy life balance while meeting the demands of employment.

What does Working Well do for people?

The Working Well with a Disability research findings suggest that people most affected by secondary conditions who participate in the Working Well program experience significant reductions in limitations from secondary conditions. The workshop appears to be an effective way to reduce problems of secondary conditions like chronic pain, fatigue, and depressed mood that may act as barriers to obtaining and maintaining employment. When their lives are out of balance, Working Well helps people develop a healthy lifestyle to manage health conditions so they can focus on getting and keeping a job.

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