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New Directions Wellness Center


“NDWC is a place where friends come together to gain knowledge, promote wellness and mingle with others.” 



The New Direction’s mission is to provide a high quality, interdisciplinary health promotion program that serves as a state and national model for individuals with physical limitations and chronic illnesses.

NDWC ensures that people with or at high risk of chronic diseases have access to quality community resources to best manage their conditions.

  • What is the New Directions Wellness Center
  • An integral part of the University of Montana-located on the University of Montana campus
  • A site for:
    • Students apply academic and clinical knowledge in real life situations
    • in physical therapy, pharmacy, social work, health and human performance and business
  • Members with physical and mental disabilities improve quality of life through exercise, peer support, and community engagement.

Students engage with members to:                                                                                                                       Translate evidence into clinical practice:                                                                                                                   • Activity Based Locomotor Training
• Functional Electrical Stimulation
• Body Weight Supported Training1
• Inclusive Fitness Programs
• Adaptive Recreation & Sport
• ActicalAssessments
• Metabolic Testing
• Research

The following PDF file offers an overview of the New Directions Wellness Center programs and activities.