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Your Emergency Planning

American Association of the Deaf-Blind
: Disaster Preparedness for Persons Who are Deaf and Blind

American Red Cross: People with Disabilities: Information designed to assist people with disabilities and medical concerns to prepare for disasters.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Emergency Preparedness and Response

Disability.gov: Emergency Preparedness Resources

Disaster Resources for People with Disabilities and Emergency Managers: Published by June Isaacson Kailes, Disability Policy Consultant

inMotion: When Disaster Strikes — A Pocket Survival Guide: Compiled by the Amputee Coalition

Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Wireless Technologies: published an education tear sheet in the February 2013 issue of Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities Guide and Checklist.

  • Emergency Kit Checklist: PDF

Preparedness tips for pregnant moms & families with infants from Get Ready & March of Dimes: APHA’s Get Ready campaign and the March of Dimes partnered to create a series of fact sheets to help pregnant moms and families with infants prepare for emergencies.

Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Communication Enhancement

U.S. Department of Homeland Security: Disability Preparedness Resource Center web site provides practical information on how people with and without disabilities can prepare for an emergency. It also provides disability-related information for family members, service providers, emergency planners and first responders.

Westchester Institute for Human Development: Provides a series of online videos and training materials on personal emergency planning