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Living Well in the Community Facilitator Training


Living Well in the Community materials are written for the use of laypersons, peers, or health professionals. Facilitator trainings familiarize facilitators with Living Well’s philosophy, goals, and written materials.

To maintain the quality and consistency of Living Well in the Community workshops, all facilitators must be trained through The University of Montana Rural Institute or by a Rural Institute Certified Master Trainer. Living Well in the Community helps people make healthy lifestyle choices. Its success depends upon effective facilitators who encourage healthy behavior change.

Our training program has three main components to support successful workshop facilitation:

  • Peer Training
  • Facilitator Training
  • Master “Train-the-Trainer” Training

Each component fits within a framework that allows trainees to progress through the entire training program. The program’s online training tools and techniques provide an enriching distance learning opportunity.

The advantages of the online training format are:

Its flexible schedule accommodates participants’ busy professional lives.

  • It offers trainees a self-directed pace and schedule.
  • Trainees connect with peers and colleagues from very diverse areas and with unique perspectives.
  • It is more accessible than in-person training because it avoids the time and cost of travel.

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