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Behavioral Health Monitoring and Promotions System (BHMPS): We worked closely with Montana state policy makers, local program providers, developmental disability advocates, and consumers to develop the comprehensive behavioral health monitoring and promotion system model. BHMPS is based on empirically-derived standards of care for systematically addressing the prevention and management of secondary conditions among adults with developmental disabilities who live in group homes and transitional arrangements. The model’s five features include:

1. Annual assessment of secondary conditions, risk factors, and medical service utilization;

2. Relevant state agency representatives (the Health Promotion Advisory Group) review of statewide data to identify priorities for systems-wide intervention;

3. Service provider staff training, both in generic health promotion and protection strategies, and individual programs targeting conditions of persons at particular risk;

4. Incorporation into the individualized habilitation plan of service, support, and treatment objectives which are implemented and evaluated as any other such objectives; and

5. Evaluation of previous interventions and the use of surveillance measures and methods to establish new systems priorities .

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