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Emergency Preparedness

The Montana Disability and Health Program (MTDH) promotes inclusive emergency preparedness planning to improve emergency preparedness access from the individual to the community and state levels for people with disabilities. To do this work, MTDH does the following activities:

  • describes the functional need status of Montanans at the county level
  • facilitates the involvement of people with disabilities and their representatives in emergency preparedness policy and planning processes of the state
  • integrates access and functional needs as a population in the Public Health and Emergency Preparedness Program
  • provides training and technical assistance on delivering emergency preparedness services to disability populations
  • promotes improvements in accessibility of community environments (e.g., designated American Red Cross emergency shelters) to local agencies and organizations
  • demonstrates best-practices approaches to support inclusion of people with disabilities in emergency planning and training

MTDH works to ensure that the interests of people with disabilities and people with disabilities themselves will be included in State emergency planning and preparedness activities.  For more information, resources are organized by topic area below to provide additional information on inclusive emergency preparedness.

Emergency Preparedness Toolkit